Friday, October 8, 2010

been awhile

Wow I have not blogged since May. Darn much has happened since then. The school year is going quickly. Next week is the end of the 1st quarter doesn't seem possible for that be here already. Our grandchildren are growing like weeds. The grandson started pre-school and he is excited about attending. I hope he remains excited about school. The granddaughter is now 8 months old.

Jane and I are buy the two lots that are next to our place in the country. The one lot is 120' X 120' and the other is 120' X 60'. We did have the chance to buy more but the other lots had a trailor on it. The trailor was not in very good condition. You could see where the floor had rotted out in places. Now since in putting money into a trailor that is 23 years old. It would just be a money pit. We hope that the estate will not sell it to someone that will rent it out to a low life and make meth in it. I guess now our property is shaped like a rectangle instead of Oklahoma. Just more to mow. This might lead to his and hers John Deere mowers. Maybe I can her a pink one.

Jane is having her thyroid removed at the end of October. There is a 25% change it is cancer. All this was caused by her treatments for Hodgekins. She has been remission from that for the last 11 years. So I pray that all will be food for her.

As far as fiesta collecting you will have to our fiesta blog Hunting for Fiesta. I should be putting up some new pictures and stories about fiesta and our hunt. f

Thursday, May 27, 2010


Today is the end of the school year. The students leave at 9:00 A.M. today and then the teachers can leave if they have their duties completed. I am all checked out with adminstration and ready to get out of here.

Jane and I leave on our driving around Lake Michigan vacation tommorow at about 1:00. We head up to Naperville to spend a couple of days with our daughter. Then it is up the Wisconsion side. Should be fun!!!!

Andy and Jane

Sunday, May 16, 2010


Well back to blogging. The school year is about over. May 27th is the last day for teachers and then if we have our duties finished we can leave shortly after the students leave. For me that will be about 10:00. Then finished for the year "Thank God". This year has been a hard one with a couple of students that have been hard to deal with. Either I am getting older or these kids are getting worse. On the bright side this was my 20th year of teaching.
Jane and I are leaving for vacation on May 28th. We are driving around Lake Michigan. This should be a blast. We are going up the Wisconsin side first as we will visit our daughter that lives in Naperville, Illinois. We have only one place that we know for sure we are staying. We are planning on staying on Machinac Island for two nights. Hope we have good weather and some good antiquing.

Will post pictures after the vacation. Also this last Feburary we became Grandparents for the secound time. This time a grand daughter.

More later.

Andy and Jane

Tuesday, June 23, 2009

backyard friends

We have a big yard with many trees. We have this year a pair of chicadees that decided to make their home in one of our many bird houses. They are working hard to keep them fed. I was lucky enough to get this picture this AM.

Monday, June 15, 2009


Well the store auction was the 13th. We attended until 2:00 and had to leave as my back was giving me fits. I cried a lot when things sold for too little. Oh well it is over and done. The auctioneer called me at 7:20 and said he just ended. WOW it started at 10:00. When we found out the total we were pleased. I plan on putting on the pictures of the room filled with the stuff.

Many of our friends were surprised that we attended the auction. So what did I do on Sunday but drive across the state for an auction that had some great fiesta. The bonus is I got to visit with Chuck and his wife. There were some good things there. Check out the hunt of fiesta blog to see the good stuff.

Andy and Jane

Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Counting down

Hate to say it but I am finally excited about summer coming. Friday is my last day of this school year. The first three weeks of the break will be getting ready for the big auction of the business on June 13th. I have to box up the shop and the one mall we are in. The auctioneer will be doing the actually picking up of the boxes as I can't lift anything that heavy.

Will have to get a whole lot of banana boxes for doing this.

Keep posted

Monday, May 11, 2009

Our Newest Antique

We finished cleaning up the country site and brought home our newest addition to the antiques. This is an very old hitching post. You tied up your horse and then used the steps to get on. This thing weighs a ton. It took a large backhoe to bring it into the yard.